Rigali, Dixon, Bradley, Fisher, and Immediate Family

Don Rigali and Gloria Dixon Rigali's Immediate Family Photo Gallery (Below)

Don Rigali's Extended Family Photo Gallery  (Click Here)

Gloria Dixon Rigali's Extended Family Photo Gallery (Click Here)

Don, Bobby, Diane, and Paul Rigali

Don Rigali

Don's Grandfather and Father's Produce Stand in Los Angeles
(The tall man in the middle is Don's Dad - Bob Rigali)

Robert "Bob" Ferdinand Rigali (Don's Dad)

Bobby and Don Rigali

Bobby (Don's Brother), Judy, Nick (Night), and Marie Rigali

Floyd Bradley (1922-1992), Robert "Bob" Rigali (1917-2003)
and John Bradley (1925-1990)
Don's Uncle Floyd, Don's Dad, and Don's Uncle John

Robert "Bob" Rigali holding his son, Don Rigali

Bob (Don's Dad), Betty, Nonna, and Roselind Rigali

Robert "Bob" Rigali (Don's Dad), Bessie "Nonna" Novak Rigali (1884-1971),
Roselind Rigali (1919-1984) , and Betty Rigali (1918-1987)

Nancy Bradley Rigali (1919-2007) (Don's Mom)
with Diane (1940-2018),  Bobby (1943-2013) , and Don

Carol "Diane" Rigali (1940-2018) (Don's Sister)
Clarence Dixon (1921-2004) and Lola Fisher Dixon (1926-2016)
holding great-grandson Cory Rigali

C.R. Rigali with cousins: Marie Rigali and Nicholas Night

Gloria Dixon Rigali holding Juli Rigali

Lola Fisher Dixon (1926-2016) is second from the bottom left (Gloria's Mom)
on her 90th Birthday with family and friends.
Marjorie Lynn Dixon Sage is top left (Gloria's sister).

Don Rigali with four of his grandsons: Nick, Cory, Don, Mike, and Matt.

Gloria Dixon Rigali

Don Rigali and Gloria Dixon Rigali with two
of their children: C.R. and Juli

Nancy Bradley Rigali (1919-2007) and
Robert Ferdinand Rigali (1917-2003)
Parents of Don Rigali

Lola Fisher Dixon (1926-2016) (Gloria's Mom)

Connie (cousin of Don Rigali), Diane Rigali (1940-2018) (sister of Don Rigali),
and Juli Rigali

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