Gloria Dixon's Extended Family Gallery

Don Rigali and Gloria Dixon Rigali's Immediate Family Photo Gallery (Click Here)
Don Rigali's Extended Family Photo Gallery  (Click Here)

Gloria Dixon Rigali's Extended Family Photo Gallery (Below)
Clarence Benjamin Sr Dixon & Bertha Burchfield Dixon
(Gloria's paternal grandfather and grandmother)

Amanda Elizabeth Hutton Burchfield  (1868-1956)
(Gloria's Paternal Great-Grandmother)
Walt Price and Elizabeth "Mae" Dixon Price
(Gloria's Aunt and Uncle)
Arza "Red" Fisher 1918
(Gloria's Grandfather)

Arza "Red" Fisher, Eugene Weddell, George Fisher, Shirley Weddell Scott,
Clara Valentina Fisher, Loretta "Jackie" Ethel Beebe Fisher 1908-1993,
Evelyn Fisher (Daughter of Esther Beebe and Bill Fisher)
Loretta "Jack or Jackie" was well known for playing the harmonica and fiddle. John Cranz traded her a Stradivarius to play at square dances in exchange for her milking cow she called "Moose." She played it at gatherings in Canada. In 1943, a drunken man sat on her violin and broke it. She never had the money to replace it.
Grandma Jack was also well known for her bread baking and making rubbernecks, as was her daughter Lola.
(Loretta is the grandmother of Gloria)

John David Beebe or his father William Allen Beebe
(Gloria's Great-Grandfather or 2nd Great-Grandfather)
Audrey Louise McCartney and David William Beebe
(Gloria's Grand Uncle and his wife)
Guy Colonel Beebe
(Gloria's Grand Uncle)
Leona Mae Beebe
(Gloria's Grand Aunt)

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